Red Rock Canyon, Las Vegas – This picture with taken with 1 camera & us two. No tripod, no editting, no other person. Can you guess how?

Yeps ours is a LifeStyle blog. So many great LS blogs, why choose ours? Besides the fact that we’re awesome? Well how about starting with The Story of Us…

Nals says… When I first saw this lovely creature, Kells sang a warm hello to 2 of my colleagues but not me. I thought well what is this stuff n such?* I wasn’t quite sold… but the sitch warranted further investigation.

By chance-that-wasn’t-just-chance-y, we started working closely together. It was pretty clear that we were cut from the same fab AF cloth. Excellent work ethic, smart, funny and great with the peoples… plus smoking good looks. But what sealed the deal for me was her appreciation of makeup. And so, our love story began that fateful day**.
*yes I could have most certainly said hello. But I was a newb and tend towards the shy.
**thanks Makeup Geek for the bonding experience.

Kells says… We were both working in a stressful environment for a mental health and addictions recovery center and it was going through major changes, so most of the staff were on high alert. We were put into the same jobs on different units and both wondered what the other person was all about.

Honestly, I do not remember my first encounter with Nals. I do remember being told that the staff on the next unit needed help (he was useless!), so Nals would be working along side him and that she was a hard worker and would be a big asset to that unit. I did know of her as she already worked at the site, just in a different position that didn’t have much interaction with my role.

It was not a love at first sight situation (like I said I don’t remember the first time we met). There were no fireworks or inside jokes. We didn’t ask each other to go for coffee or drinks after work. We just worked together and after a while we started to get to know each other through our jobs and realized that this chick is pretty cool. 10 years later we are true friends. We share secrets, go to each other for support, give make up tips, and travel together.

The best part about Nals is that she will laugh at my stupid jokes and never judge me for being me. Most of all we love to have fun, laugh and do life!

PS. Nals, sorry for not saying hi to you that day! I’m so happy you didn’t hold it against me!

So our blog roots began one evening as we enjoyed a sumptuous dinner…

…at Olives Restaurant in Vegas (our review here). We were on our 2nd annual birthday jaunt. And it was towards the end, that part of dinner where you’re full… But delicious morsels hanging out on your plates are still calling your name…

Kells was real quiet at this point. I wasn’t sure what she was thinking but she was deep in thought.

And suddenly with a big smile she says “Let’s write a blog!”
And of course I grinned back with a “Hells yeah!”