Hi everyone I’m Nals. I am a round-acious bespectacled brownie whose parents were born in the South Pacific. I got hitched there, overlooking Vuda Point, almost a decade ago. I’m now part of a DINK*.  I speak 2 languages & am working on learning a third.  I work in the healthcare field as a coordinator, researcher and teacher.

I love me beautiful clothes, makeup, food, travelling and the arts (which sometimes includes bad TV**). I’m also like a crow… easily distracted by shiny sparkly things. I love to laugh and to make others smile.

*I’m lazy and acronyms are my friend. Get used to it.
**beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Hi everyone I’m Kells. I’m a small town girl, that fell in love with a big city boy, who moved to city to follow my dreams. I spent many years in retail while working to pay off student loans. As much as I liked working in the stores and selling clothes, I realized retail was not the life for me, nor was it my dream…

so I went back to school and eventually completed my Master’s of Social Work in 2015. I love my job as a social worker and I get to work with those that have experienced trauma and have mental health and addiction issues. The people I work with teach me how to survive, how strong people are and that life matters. Most of all I have learned to never judge a book by its cover. I am passionate about my work and a strong advocate for those needing my support.

I’m happily married to my Prince Charming (in 2017 we celebrated 10 years of marriage) and we have 2 large fur babies (they also have their own IG acct @charleyandroxanne). Which also makes us DINKs!  My favorite thing in my life is being an aunt to my amazing nieces and nephews, who I love more than anything. I work hard, love to travel, laugh, make the best of life and love all things.