PS I love you

So as you may or may not know…but Nals and I love to travel. Unfortunately, we don’t get to do as much as we would like with work and life and all. But there are a couple of spots that have a few things we like; sun and fun. Oh and good shopping.

We already talked about our live for Sin City. But I recently got to fly out to another little sweet spot…Palm Springs. And if you have been following us on IG you’ve probably noticed I’ve posted some Palm pics already.
Here’s the thing, I have been hearing great things about PS for years. But it wasn’t until 2 years ago that I finally got to see what all the buzz was about. And let me tell you, I fell in love.

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Orange you glad we didn’t say Olives!

(Uhh well actually…guess we just did.)

Jazzed up in our finery, we sauntered on over to Olives Restaurant in Vegas in October.

And as is the case for eye candies, we were appropriately seated at the window. The restaurant is deceptively large. But due to the low lighting, dark rich wood flooring and furniture, it was quite cozy.

Two hotsie totsies, satiated by a lovely dinner.^

You start off with a trio of in-house tepanades, which is served with assorted leavened and unleavened breads. Kells is not an Olive-holic as is I… so I got the trio to myself. Warning though: they’re salty!

We ordered the Truffled Risotto**, Olives Chicken Parmesan & Handcrafted Gnocchetti.

When we were here the previous year with our other friends, I ordered the magnificent Risotto. (I dreamed of this until I could experience it again.  And heyyy this was my lucky night.) Oh my… perfectly al dente rice coated in lavish mushroom creamery. Amazing slight tang of parm and dotted with fine slices of funghi. Kells enjoyed it as well.

Last time, Kells ordered her go-to Butternut Squash Tortellini. I had a mere taste and it was delightful yums. Amaretto wishes and brown-butter dreams.  But this evening, she branched out.

The Chicken Parm was served bone-in. Bold choice for a restaurant. (And we like that moxy.) But bone-in makes for a tender flavourful piece of meat. It was so tasty good, accompanied by roasted garden veg and taters.

The Gnocchetti was quite a lovely surprise. We figured that it’d be good. But not this fantastic! Rich, mouthy Bolognese sauce nestled inside sneaky grooves of pasta. I thought there was a hint of cinnamon. Kells surmised tarragon. Whatever the heck it was, it was molto bene. Excellent job, Olives team!

The portions are healthy. We didn’t finish. And yes, fair enough we ordered 3 entrées to split between the 2 of us… we felt so bad to say goodbye to the tasty morsels. They didn’t deserve to be let down like that. Poor lil guys patiently waited to get into our bellies… and instead got the rude awakening of the bin.  (Not by choice, lil morsels, not by choice.)

Have you eaten here? What was your experience?

Or, have we enticed you to try it out?

The End Pieces

*we were in our twinsies floral cold shoulder get-ups from Torrid. And we were sporting our fantastic strappy black heels from Nine West.

** I’d have to say that this runs a close 2nd to the Crispy Kalbi roll (CKr) at Yellowtail.

^this is where our Blog Story began.

We contacted Olives twice for collabs but they didn’t respond. Imagine. Being too busy to respond to N&K?!  As busy as Yellowtail is, they responded when we reached out.


Please don’t stop the Fenty

We skipped into Sephora in Vegas, hand in hand like 2 cute little tots in pigtails. Just days prior, I had popped in to the one in Burnaby (that’s in Beautiful British Columbia for you unworldly readers) to pick up my birthday gift* and some many other treats for my fiiine & wiser self. But a girl can always see what’s new with makeup.

And then (cue the angels singing)… our Miss Kells pointed out the mesmerizing Fenty Beauty line. I’ve never seen such an array that celebrates us cocoa-coffee-toffee skin tones.

Kells and I tried on and subsequently picked up the Gloss Bomb.  And as it was her birthday as well, she picked up a few other delights like the lipstick and highlighter, and a delicious Huda Beauty eyeshadow palette.  (The highlighter was so fab AF that it requires a separate post.  So, BOLO!)  The Starlit Hyper Glitz lipstick in Supermoon did the job – nice colour, texture but nothing really differentiated it from another higher end lippie.

(The Gloss Bomb is so bomb that it stands on its own, as pictured here… heh heh.)

And oh my word Rihanna you have outdone yo-self, son! Your butt-stopping product, the Gloss Bomb Lip Luminizer is Universally fantastic. This gloss comes in a funky geometrically cut bottle. It has the scent of sweet something. The texture is not too sticky but has excellent staying power. And the colour is dreamy creamy translucent luminous. What on earth does that mean?* Seriously perfect nude gloss for a darkie like me and for a porcelain-complected pixie like our Kells over here.

So get off your poorly glossed duffs and pick up a gd bottle of this potion, ladies & gents! Oh and hey Rihanna, our one critique is that there aren’t more colours so umm… get-to-steppin.

* It means exactly what I said.
** For my birthday gift I chose the
Tarte blush (paaarty pink) and mini creamy matte lippy (Birthday Suit pink for those 60s-inspired days). Kells picked up Caudalie skin care goop in Vegas. And hey if you’re wondering how the in-store birthday gift offerings compare in USA vs. Canada… They are the same.  Sigh anti-climactic but true.)

Watch out for our All That Glitzes is Glitter in an upcoming Christmas-themed post.  We’ll be trying out Fenty’s Cosmic Glitter Lipgloss & Bite Beauty’s Prismatic Pearl Creme Lip Gloss… and we may throw in some other blitzy surprises (if you’re lucky).

The Cold Shoulder.


We love love love the cold shoulder and feel that this is a look that can suit all women*.

During our last trip to Vegas, this fall, we were sitting at the airport waiting to head south for some S&S (sun and shopping), when Nals looked at me and said: you really like the cold shoulder don’t you? I was wearing a beautiful royal blue cold shoulder top from Kenzie with basic white capris pants from the Gap when I threw Nals a smirk and showed her the cold shoulder!

As we toured around Las Vegas we noticed that we were getting the cold shoulder everywhere. Women* of all heights and shapes were rocking the cold shoulder. And we got to say; we loved it!!!! It wasn’t long after that Nals joined the ranks of cold shouldering with a lovely floral dress from Torrid paired with a sexy pair of heels from Nine West. I couldn’t help but go twinning with my friend in a floral dress also from Torrid. And no, it didn’t go unnoticed that we were dressed alike! And yes, we have the same purse!

Here’s what we love about this look:

  1. It doesn’t matter your size or shape, the cold                                                                 shoulder fits perfect.
  2.  It can be taken from casual to dressy with the                                                                 simplest of changes.
  3. It’s sophisticated and sexy all in one.

We will say, the verdict is still out on a plain cold shoulder t-shirt. We find these a bit frumpy and unstructured. Nals and I have yet to find one we love, but girl if you got it, rock it!

Love this cold shoulder? Shop at Reitmans for this knitted cold shoulder, Silver Denim for the jeans and Steve Madden for the knee high boots!