EyEnvy much?

Mascara Monday is baack!

Kells started us off with a bang with several Mascara Monday reviews. (Feel free to search our tag cloud for her Mascara Reviews.)

Today, I will be reviewing
⇒ ⇒ EyEnvy ⇐ ⇐

No spoiler alerts here (hee hee) but the love story began with a co-worker of mine. As if she had stepped out of game of beach volleyball, in to my life walks Miss T. She sports an au naturel look with lashes that go on for dayzzz. I asked her the secret. She told me EyEnvy serum. Then off I trotted like a truffle piglet, snout to the ground… and did I find the serum? Hells to the nope. Firstly, only select places sell it. Of those places I visited 3 with no luck. And I fruitlessly called a myriad of others. SOLD OUT! Scant weeks before Christmas & can you imagine the nerve of people to gypp me out of a precious bottle!

So I begrugingly settled for the EyEnvy mascara. Pfft. Peanuts.

Sooo … I have sensitive skin, a sensitive schnoz and sensitive freaking eyes. Initially, I thought I was the s-word to EyEnvy. This is because the next morning, my eye were sore puffballs. This happened several morning before I figured out the culprit.

Turns out, this stuff coats your lashes like a second skin. So when removing makeup, add a 2nd step: Get out your cleanser-covered Q-tip and get to cleaning up in there for an extra minute or so. (Like one of those skin-eating pedicure fishies… but… not weird or as creepy.)

Once I did that, all was shanti.

So, to remind y’all about The Rules of Engagement:

  1. We paid for everything ourselves and were not comp’d.
  2. 2 coats were used for the photos with same make up.
  3. This is just our opinion. Take it or leave it.

The brush: conventional.

The formula: is thick and sets kind of quickly. Make sure you do your coats quick but thin. So after swirling your brush in the bottle (not pumping like it’s a bicycle-tire pump), do a few good zig zaggle squiggles near the roots to build volume then move up to ends. Don’t just do your coat roots to tip. You must squiggle.

  • My lashes got thicker after using daily for just a few weeks. And for you skeptics, the thicker lashes still look thicker with other mascaras, too.
  • It has staying power.
  • It’s got tons of coating power. (But I needed >2 coats to get the desired effect.)
  • Colour=Very black!
  • Compact product line.

Other Considerations:
  • Not for the novice as one needs to build coats quickly and thinly like a pro.
  • Clumps quickly (avoid this by applying thin coats).
  • Not waterproof.
  • On the expensive side – especially if you’re just trying it out.
  • Poked my eye a few times with that hard as nails brush.
  • Semi-challenging to source – can’t just pick up at your local drug store.
  • Need to pay extra attention to removing product – I thought I was sensitive to it until I started the Q-tip step.
  • Only available in black (at least in the stores I looked at).

Once I figured out how to apply & remove it properly, I fell in love. I have long lashes but they don’t stay curled. With EyEnvy, my lashes are thicker and longer and… remained curled.
→For the seasoned mascara-ista: thumbs up, must try!
→For the newbies – stick with drug store specials till you hone your technique.

Have we enticed you to try EnEnvy?

What are your thoughts?

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