Review of Maybelline’s SnapScara Mascara

We’re giving you the lowdown of Maybelline’s SnapScara🔗 … Just in time for Fun Friday, you fabulous N&Kers!

SnapScara’s claim to fame is that it’s easy to snap on the volume and easy to snap off your lashes, with no clumps, no flakes and no fuss.

Snap to me indicates sound or motion. (Julep🔗 has a lippie with a magnetic closure. It makes a little snap when it locks with its counterpart. So, I was imagining something like that.) I read the package and tried playing around with the tube. The only snap it made was in my head when I realized “Awww snap. It’s snapless!” (That would probably be a better name.)

Left eye: Snapped on. Right eye: Unsnapped.

The actual product

… is a pitch black colour. It’s thin, which is probably why it doesn’t clump as easily. As long as you wipe off the excess product before application, you’ll be clumpless.

The brush

There’s a voluminous curved brush. Reminds me of a cat’s hissy tail.

Snap on

I wouldn’t say lashes become voluminous. SnapScara adds a bit of dimension and length. You’ll probably need to pair with another mascara to get max dual effects of volume and lengthening.

Snap off… kinda

It’s not super easy to take-off. Most of it came off with my oil-based cleanser. After rinsing, I had to go back in to remove residue.

Full face done & lashes are snapped

R e c o mmenda t i o n

Maybelline’s SnapScara Mascara🔗 is fine. I wouldn’t seek it out again. But if I needed a mascara and it was on sale… I’d probably get it again.

Maybelline’s SnapScara Mascara🔗 is great for newbies. Experienced mascara-ists will need to pair with another volumizing mascara.

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