Review of Beth and Olivia Handmade products

In Christmas 2020, Nals decided to get some bits and bobs #supportlocal

I was going to a new job and wanted to give my colleagues a little something.

I hawed and hemmed: Gift cards? Candles? Homemade harissa? Chocolates?  I wasn’t sure what to give.  Due to le pandemic¹, my options were limited.    

So I started researching local businesses.  I happened upon Beth & Olivia 🔗 handmade products.   

Not Amazon² is also a good site to explore local businesses. 

Their Story

The story 🔗 behind the company is amazing. Annie, fashion designer by trade and training, decided to make sparkly jewelry that her daughters Beth and Olivia could wear.  Annie also created a suitable skincare product for one of her toddler’s eczema. Commercial options weren’t cutting it.  Annie’s bodycare line was born. 


When you unbox, a lovely scent permeates the air.  Crisp sheets of toile tissue, some paper packing and a personal handwritten note from Annie greet you.  ♡ them personal touches!

My orders

I got Missy R: bath squares³ (Peppermint Chamomile, Orange Eggnog & Chai), hand butter (Orange Eggnog) and hand sani spray (Lavendar).  Peppermint squares were her fave.  She loved the idea of the body butter stick: easy for travel, not greasy, will not spill in your handbag! 

I got colleagues: soaps (Earl Gray & Chai), hand butters (Love & Subdued) and lip balms.  They loved everything.  Due to respiratory and skin issues, a couple of these folks are very particular about their products. 

I got my mom: hand sani (Lavender) as well as the foot soak and foot butter (Tea Tree Neem). 

I got multiples of things to give as stocking stuffers… and a couple Squares for me. The Chai bath square is my fave.

Annie has a suite of offerings, including beautiful paper and wedding products. Gift wrapping or local pick up are available.


Yes we absolutely recommend ordering from Beth & Olivia 🔗 . Also available on Etsy 🔗.

Mascara Review: Rimmel’s Wonder’lash

Well N&Kers, it’s time for another Mascara Funday!

Our previous Rimmel review was on the Wonder’fully Real mascara🔗, which is available here🔗.

Today, Miss Nals will be reviewing Rimmell’s Wonder’lash mascara🔗.

Their website states “Do you need a solution to your clumpy mascara?
Wonder’Lash mascara with argan oil is your best secret weapon to perfectly full, smooth, zero-clump volume! …Experience beautiful volume and lash definition in one smooth, easy stroke… and left feeling conditioned”.

Click HERE🔗 for more info

Reviews on their site🔗 are favourable at 4.2 stars (307 reviews).

Makeup Alley reviews🔗 give it 3 stars (75 reviews). Comments are similar as on Rimmel’s site.

Now for our actual review


Yes-ish. Because it separates so well, my lashes looked a bit longer (but sparse).


yes, like a hot damn.


Nope, not even when paired with a volumizer.


I curl before and after applying mascara. This mascara initially holds the curl well… then they look wonky.


Product colour is black, which you’d think would help the appearance of thickening. In fact, because the separation was so thorough, there was significantly less volume/thickening effect.


This bristled beast of an applicator looked like it meant business. But I guess it was more of an empty promise that never was.

Other considerations

Mascara didn’t interfere with my contact lenses.

×It stuck on like a SOB. Despite triple washing, I didn’t always get all of it off. But it didn’t irritate my eyes.

This is a available in a waterproof version (turquoise tube).

I’d skip this mascara.