It’s all about the pits

Small world! Miss Kells & Miss Balm work out at the same gym. One day, they got to talking. And, one thing led to another. So here we are: seeing if Pure Pit Balm's assertion that "it's da bomb", is fo realz. Pure Pit Balm is a natural deodorant for underarms. What is a natural … Continue reading It’s all about the pits

It hurts so boob

So I mentioned that I had back surgery and I had to advocate for myself. This motivated me to start dealing with the health issues I had been ignoring for years. The first one was my tonsils. They were large and in charge. Basically, I had swollen tonsils all day every day. I made an … Continue reading It hurts so boob

Review of Sephora Mix & Mingle Lip Set

N&K meant to post this review around Christmas time, but our schedules got a little crazy with work, family time, holiday stuff, New Zealand and the burlesque show. And so here we are... Sephora's Mix & Mingle Lip Set Limited Edition 2018 is a lovely little minx offering lip pencils (but I'm calling them crayons) … Continue reading Review of Sephora Mix & Mingle Lip Set

Maybe she’s born with it? Maybe it’s EyEnvy?

As you delightful N&Kers know, I had a coworker with lashes that went on for days.  Her secret was EyEnvy. Eyenvy is an eyelash & brow conditioner. I searched high and low last year and could only find the mascara.  I thought it was peanuts but it actually made lashes a bit fuller.  My review … Continue reading Maybe she’s born with it? Maybe it’s EyEnvy?

Explicit Expose on Vancity Womens Expo 2018

Kells & I checked out the Womens Expo in Cloverdale this weekend. The $8 admission gets you into 170 exhibits, workshops & presentations. (FOLKs Were eligible to enter the door prize after geTting 8 vendor stamps.) Some vendors were assertive but no one was pushy. Everyone was super friendly. There were the usual suspects: clothing, … Continue reading Explicit Expose on Vancity Womens Expo 2018

Move over Betty Davis… Here Come The Katy Kat Eyes!

Mascara reviews are back, my sweets! This week Nals will be reviewing Katy Perry’s Katy Kat Eye mascara (by Covergirl). Their kitch . . . is the sculpting brush. Indeed this is a swashbuckling brush, all swirly and packed with bristles. It applies the product to your lashes, with luscious accuracy. drawback The product is … Continue reading Move over Betty Davis… Here Come The Katy Kat Eyes!

Mind Games

On Wednesday I posted a pic on our IG account with my photo journey of going to the gym (96 and Counting) but I thought maybe I should expand on it. Share a wee bit more on how its been going... Soooo, after failing many many times with a workout routine I wanted to try … Continue reading Mind Games

It’s All Natural!

A few months ago, Nals told me that a coworker of hers has these amazing lashes because she uses some new serum called EyEnvy. Nals assured me that this sweet coworker of her swears by it. So when I saw it in the store, I bought it. I was a wee bit shocked by the … Continue reading It’s All Natural!