Apparently, Length Matters

Well folks it's Monday again. Mondays can feel like a real drag. That's why we bring Mascara Mondays - to jolt some excitement back into your week. (Our other reviews are under the Mascara Monday tag.) Today, I will be reviewing ⇒ ⇒ Length Matters ⇐ ⇐ I am a Julep Maven.* As such, every … Continue reading Apparently, Length Matters

All that Glitzes is Glitter

One cool December evening, we were watching Forensic Files, as I am a criminologist-by-night^. And we found out there’s a Glitter Guy! This dude has been collecting glitter for over a decade purportedly for forensic purposes (but we know he secretly loves to roll around in all that glitter!) Clearly, this shibbles-n-bits isn’t just for … Continue reading All that Glitzes is Glitter