Puff Balls

Beta 5. Need I say more? You know exactly what I mean if you have been here before. And if you haven’t, get going. Like now! A few years ago one of my coworkers would bring these amazing puffs of delight into our office cuz his sister used to work there. I was obsessed with … Continue reading Puff Balls

N&K Update

Heya N&Kers - Kells & I are going to do the Shoppers 5KM Run For Women tomorrow morning. We haven't prepared as hard as last year because life's been a little crazy lately. Have you checked out our latest giveaway, courtesy of Bruncheria Cafe? If not, click here. We joined burlesque. Kells has already started … Continue reading N&K Update

N&K $50 Bruncheria Cafe Meal Contest Rules

Click here to read N&K's review of Bruncheria. Contest opens May 4, 2019 and closes on May 17, 2019. Follow Bruncheria Cafe on Instagram*.Follow Nals and Kells on Instagram*.Like the post**.Tag a brunch Friend**.Each tagged Friend is one entry. Tag as many friends as you'd like**. N&K will randomly select one lucky Winner and notify … Continue reading N&K $50 Bruncheria Cafe Meal Contest Rules

Review of Bruncheria Cafe (New Westminster)

Nals and the Mr felt like a spot of brunch one weekend. And, we happened upon Bruncheria Cafe ... so in we went. And we were not disappointed. Hey guess what?! N&K has a new contest starting later today. For more details on the "Win a $50 Bruncheria Cafe Meal" Contest Rules, just click here. … Continue reading Review of Bruncheria Cafe (New Westminster)

Review of: Leavenworth Village Inn

As we approach this extra long Easter weekend, we wanted to suggest visiting Leavenworth, Washington for a quick trip away. This place is great for everyone: friends, couples, families and all ages. General Impression Leavenworth Village Inn is nestled in Leavenworth town, with the same quaint Bavarian as all other buildings. Suite was clean, spacious … Continue reading Review of: Leavenworth Village Inn

It’s all about the pits

Small world! Miss Kells & Miss Balm work out at the same gym. One day, they got to talking. And, one thing led to another. So here we are: seeing if Pure Pit Balm's assertion that "it's da bomb", is fo realz. Pure Pit Balm is a natural deodorant for underarms. What is a natural … Continue reading It’s all about the pits