Food Truck Review: Manger á Portland

This is a special ed of Food Truck Reviews. We started off with Things to Do in Portland. We will continue today with a summary of our food tour. Farm Boy Drive In A sleepy eatery in an odd duck corner of Olympia. Here the corn dogs are crispy fresh, the official certificate of The … Continue reading Food Truck Review: Manger á Portland

3 French Hens, 2 Girls and 1 Cafe

On our way back from Seattle in January, we decided to stop off in historic Fairhaven. This quaint little area is actually part of Bellingham, Washington. (Kind of reminds us of areas of North Van, New West and Vancouver's West End with a bit of Steveston.) Kells had had breakfast there previously. So she corralled … Continue reading 3 French Hens, 2 Girls and 1 Cafe

Dog Day Afternoon

Kells & I kicked off 2018 in Seattle.   We stayed at Stay Pineapple Maxwell and dined at Purple Café .   Click for N&K reviews: hotel ⇔ restaurant   One afternoon we hopped along to Pike Place.  We had luckily timed it right to view the famous fish throwing.  We saw gorgeous fresh flowers, warm bakeries, … Continue reading Dog Day Afternoon

Orange you glad we didn’t say Olives!

(Uhh well actually...guess we just did.) Jazzed up in our finery, we sauntered on over to Olives Restaurant in Vegas in October. And as is the case for eye candies, we were appropriately seated at the window. The restaurant is deceptively large. But due to the low lighting, dark rich wood flooring and furniture, it … Continue reading Orange you glad we didn’t say Olives!

Purple Nurple

The Purple Café and Wine Bar is an eatery in the financial district in Seattle. It features seasonal northwest cuisine and wine pairings. When you first enter the place, it looks surprisingly large with high ceilings. However due to muted lighting and dark wood furniture, it is feels intimate. Just off-centre, they have their wine/liquor … Continue reading Purple Nurple

Sushi Nazi

Have you seen that Seinfeld episode when the boys fell all over each other, trying to scramble to get to the soup nazi on time? Except Elaine wasn’t convinced until she tried the lobster-freaking-bisque? One mind blowing slurp is all it took. And she had to sit right down on some steaming filth of NY … Continue reading Sushi Nazi