N&K’s Christmas: Day 5: Food

N&K’s 7 Days of Christmas continues!

K&I pledged on Giving Tuesday that we’d get the word out about giving back.  And if N&K are winners un the contest, our fave charities (Canadian Women Foundation and CARENellies) will get to split $2500!

Kells & I love good food.  what a surprise! Christmas is a great time for eating because

1.  there are a Ton of special treats around.
2.  People bust out their pastry & baking skills and go to town.
3. Pnw just got a Whole hecKUva lot colder.  Frost has shown up this morning.  Good food makes you feel warm, cosy & happy.

There are people who don’t have money for food, let alone special treats.  It’s expensive buying all the bits n bobs for baking.  And you still need a stove, electricity and bakeware! How about we look to those who don’t have as much as us… and give others the basic right to eat healthy nourishing food.


🌲 Day 5 🌲



A Loving Spoonful  – this organization helps folks with hiv & aids.
Food bank – call them to see What types of food they need… or just donate money so the organization can fill the gaps as they arise.
Ronald Mcdonald home for dinner – give a family the gift of your warm dinner table.  Some families Are in hospital, caregiving their sick kIdlet.  Maybe you can be one of the pEeps tha CHANges that.
Union gospel mission
First united church


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