The Last Tip(s)

Nal’s brought you her last 2 tips…but here’s how I use them!
9) Plan  a    h   e  a d.

Nals talked about fueling your body and getting it moving.

Fuel your body.

For starters, I suck at meal planning. I don’t even plan what I’m eating for breakfast when I wake up. And I know I suck at it. I’ve tried, and failed, and tried again, and failed again. I’ve even tried to get my hubbers into it so I would have someone to do it for me. No go.

So I needed a better plan that wasn’t planning. A few years ago a friend of mine introduced me to her mom, who has a rocking bod and she shared with us her secret; Herbalife. After some humming and hawing, I gave it a go and loved it. I have been using some of their weight management products for a couple of years now. Here’s why it works for me:

  1. I don’t have to think about it, it’s there and ready to go.
  2. I live a busy work life, so I can bring my shake with me. This prevents me from eating on the go and buying food when I’m out and about. And my job has me out and about 95% of my day.
  3. Has everything I need in a meal, protein and nutrition.
  4. Costs the same as my regular grocery bill. So I wasn’t spending more.
  5. Got me making healthier choices for dinners and times that I do eat out.

For me, I like goodies and getting a snack with my coffee. I also found that at work if I didn’t have a lunch, or a lunch that I couldn’t take with me on outreach I was buying food. Having a protein shake handy took away all excuses to buy food out. Plus, it was the healthy option and gave me fuel for the rest of my day.

A side note, Herbalife isn’t for everyone. But it’s what worked for me and my lifestyle.

I like to move it, move it! 
  • Nals gave some great tips like park a few extra blocks away from work, take the stairs and try new things.
  • For me, I need to make sure my gym and workouts are in my face. I chose a gym that 1. I like, 2. is on my route to and from work, 3. close to home. I used to go a gym that took me 40 mins to get to some days, it started to be a barrier. Make the gym and your workouts handy.
  • Again, make sure you like what you are doing. If you hate it, you won’t do it. Try new things. I know this can be scary. I was just talking to my friend about trying new things yesterday. She told me that she started to join groups with like women. She shared with me how hard it was and she almost turned around 3 times, and then sat in her car for a few mins before she was able to get out and join the group. (FYI, I’m so proud of her for going and trying and guess what, she loved it). But her and I often talk about faking it till you make it. It sounds silly I know, but next time you are anxious or worried about something, fake it till you make it! Trust me, it works!
  • Don’t be afraid to share with the workers at the gym that you are scared, worried, anxious or need encouragement. First of all, it’s their job to help you. And sharing with them they will know to give you that extra encouragement and push.
  • And smile! Say hi to others, create an environment that you want to be apart of. It will changing the daunting gym workout into a comfortable friendly place that you want to go back to. And you might even make a new friend!
10) Me, myself and I

That’s right, don’t forget about you! Take time to care for yourself. I think it’s safe to say we have all heard that you can’t help others unless you help yourself first. That whole, put on your air mask first before you help others put theirs on. And it’s true. If you are tired and worn out, how are you going to help yourself (let alone others).

I touched on this briefly last week…but create a list of the things you like to do. From the smallest thing, like watching birds fly to big things like vacations to Mexico to the special things, like a date night with your partner. What do you like to do? What makes you feel good? What makes

you feel like you’ve fueled up?

Don’t forget…

Nals and I aren’t pros at these tips. Let me tell yah, we fail all the time, every week and some times every day. BUT, we keep truckin’! We choose to make good choices every day. We choose to change our lives. We choose to motivate ourselves. We choose. Just like we choose to eat junk food or skip a day at the gym. However, we choose to get healthy.




What did you think about the 90 Pound Tips?

Common sense?



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