Review of: Red Fish Blue Fish Food Truck (Victoria, BC)

Waiting for our order

Nals and Kells were on 🇨🇦Vancouver Island🔗 for Kells’s family stuff in early September.

Read Kells’s thoughts on her grandfather’s police memorial here🔗.

We ate at Red Fish Blue Fish Food Truck🔗 in 🇨🇦Victoria, BC🔗.

We ordered🔗: tempura battered Fish n Chips (Halibut) and a Tacone (albacore tuna). Halibut tasted good but a bit soggy. Tacone was delightful with perfectly seared tuna. Tortilla was a bit sticky. Maybe if it was warmed, it would’ve been better.

Kells had been here before with The Mr. He enjoyed the Halibut & chips as well.


We’d probably come here again… if we were in the area, and hungry. The setting was gorgeous. And we’ll be sure to have ice cream bars from 🇨🇦Rogers Chocolates🔗!

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