Sushi Nazi

Have you seen that Seinfeld episode when the boys fell all over each other, trying to scramble to get to the soup nazi on time? Except Elaine wasn’t convinced until she tried the lobster-freaking-bisque? One mind blowing slurp is all it took. And she had to sit right down on some steaming filth of NY sidewalk to appreciate* the experience. When you eat at the Yellowtail in Vegas, you will experience that intensity in your viscera.

Yellowtail Photos_Credit Hakkasan Group

So Miss Kells and I decided to visit our buds** Chef Akira Strikes Back. And boy did he ever. We made our order^.  But the crowning  glory was*** the Crispy Kalbi roll (CKr). Omg the perfection of that first bite… the salty toothy nori, slightly sweet tangy sushi rice then the crispy Korean short ribs nestled like a treasure inside. The textures were amazing. But the flavour of each layer was the rub… distinct and yet played so well with each other in that perfect little sandbox. Then the holy trinity of the topping: fresh micro-greens and the K-rib sauce. So yes. It was life-changing.

Myths of the CKr: a) hot crispy ribs are going to get cold and/or b) the steam will make them soggy and thus, c) one should gobble it up toute de suite.

The stone cold reality: it was so good that Kells and I inadvertently slowly dotted our meal with the CKr. We wanted that golden goodness to last as long as freaking possible. And my word, subsequent bites were as amazing as the first. (No need to chase the dragon here!)

So Chef, standing ovation for this genius invention. My only critique would be that I didn’t get my own mofo roll.

*pronounced the dignified English way (as in up-reece-ee-ate)
**not actually our buds but we are all-inclusive up hurr at N&K
^we also ordered: the real crab-stuffed California roll and agedashi tofu. The Cali roll was fine, nothing to write home about.  (We found this surprising because uh hello: real crab, no Jackson Pollack-ing here! We finished the roll but will not be ordering it again.)  The agedashi tofu was defo amazing… Just like me, it had a just-right crispy exterior, soft melty insides and covered in a mind-stopping numma-nums sauce
*** my heart is beating in sweet anticipation just mentioning the CKr

Acknowledgements: Thank you to Hakkasan Group for allowing us to use their beautiful photo for our Yellowtail Restaurant post.

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