Let’s get Poke-d

Poké is a popular & quick Hawaiian lunch dish. It translates ‘to slice or cut’.

Typically, poké bowls consist of a rice base, raw fish (or tofu), seasonings, veg and dressing.
Unfortunately, we haven’t had authentic Hawaiian Poké‏ (yet) so bear with us².‌

Westcoast Poké is on Cambie in Vancouver, BC. It’s all long wooden benches and a clean look. Food is good. And, they have this spicy homemade sriracha style hot sauce that’s actually spicy!¹ Staff is friendly & service is quick.

MMM yummy The Main Poke Bowl at Pacific Poke on Main Street

We wanted to feature Pacific Poké on Main Street, as we’ve been there many many times.

Nals gets The Main with a base of half kale and half brown rice. It has: sockeye salmon, spicy ahi tuna, crab & shrimp. Veg: jicama, cucumber, avocado, nori and organic seaweed salad. Dressings: citrus mayo, sesame miso dressing, shoyu, yuzu & lime juice, herbs and sprouts. Nals isn’t into the seaweed salad so she subs for ginger and pickled red onion… and she gets the sweet & tangy topper. Each bite is a little different and freaking awesome!

You can choose another pre-made option or make your own.
Ambience: casual cafeteria style with long benches to sit. Some window and outdoor seats.
Best time to go: before/after lunch/dinner hours, as there can be a lineup otherwise. But, the line up goes quickly.
Parking: metered on Main, limited free on Prior.
Transit: easily accessible by bus.


Pacific PokÉ is amazing.

1 When Nals says “actually spicy”, she means that there was some tongue tingling. But the subjective rating is medium spicy, on lower side. (Ick. How many times have you ordered the spicy something or other, and it turns out to be like dishwater?)

2 (But let’s not nose-turn, either. Us British Columbians know a thing or two about fresh fruits de mer, right?)

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