Anchors Up at Anco Inn

This is an uninspired review for an uninspired motel.

Anco didn’t start off too well. We were finalizing the check in for our 2 night stay. We had travelled >4 hours to get to Courtenay, BC. And it was hot. I saw that the water cooler was > half full. So, as I waited for the paperwork to go through, I went ahead and filled up my water bottle. The staff curtly told me that the water was to drink, not to fill up large containers. Hmm… I guess as a paying customer, one can only drink from their water cooler on their terms.


– can quickly change check in/out times online,
– non smoking rooms,
– outdoor heated pool (very small but has loungers, tables, umbrellas)
– there are conference & laundry rooms, ice machines,
– in our room: microwave, larger fridge, small writing desk, toiletries, tea/coffee and coffee machine.
– front & back parking, motel style


– no a/c despite the sign to advertise the same. And it was HOT! No one mentioned that the a/c was out. But at least we had an oscillating fan.
– beds were comfy until you share. Be prepared to move when the other person moves.
– poor sound barrier (can hear noise from courtyard)
– minimal space in the room to maneuver around in. For example, my mum-in-law had to use the washroom in the middle of the night. Because the courtyard lights were blindingly bright, we had tightly closed the drapes. But, this left no light for her to see her way to the lou. And so had to feel her way by using my bed & the TV stand.


– choose a room that’s not on the main drag
– 20 minute walk to either Driftwood Mall and Smart Centres .


I may stay here again but am more than likely to try out another hotel.

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