Black Kitty

Meow! This week I tried Loreal’s


As you know by now, I always start with the simple rules I followed when taking the pictures. They are:

  1. We bought all mascara ourselves (which means nobody is paying us).
  2. We wear each mascara for 1 week.
  3. All mascara’s purchased were black, and the darkest black they had available.
  4. Every Mascara used was put on the exact same way, with only 2 coats and all eye makeup for the pictures was exactly the same.
  5. That’s it…there are no more rules.
  6. Wait…maybe one more…the opinion is ours…take it or leave it. Believe it or not. These are just our 2 cents.
So what’s the deal with this black cat of a mascara?

It’s actually pretty good. Aren’t you glad I’m not so negative this week?

For starters, the brush is great. I find the little nubs help get close to the root and allow for the lashes to be coated well and separated. All the things that I like.

The mascara itself is nice and dark, which is what I look for. AND it doesn’t clump like some of the previous weeks I have tried.

I also wore this to the gym, like I usually do and it did not streak or smudge. Which I think is a bonus. To me it means it has good staying power.

Sadly, I do have A boo.

This formula tends to be a bit dry. I find you have to get that wand a good swooshing around the tube to whip it up. If not you may find that it dries out to fast.

So what do others think of this mascara?

I read LOreal’s website and here’s what others are saying:




Well…here’s the thing…no one has made a comment on Loreal’s website about this mascara! So I have no idea what others are thinking. However, I’m sure they would agree with me! After all, I feel that over the past few weeks I have really started to know a good mascara.

Would I buy this one again?


Would I suggest it to others?


Let me know, have you tried this one? What did you think?

Oh, and as for me and mascara Mondays…I will be taking a break…and letting you all hear from Nals. She’s gunna give some mascara’s a roll. Stay tuned.



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