Welcome to 2019, you gorgeous N&Kers!

While most others are focussing on New Year's Resolutions posts... here at N&K, we like to do things a little differently. First thing is first: let's look at the importance of routine. We feel that routine rules the roost. Once we get back on the horse, many things fall into place- eating better, drinking less … Continue reading Welcome to 2019, you gorgeous N&Kers!

N&K’s Christmas Day 3: Blankets & Sleeping Bags

N&K's 7 Days of Christmas continues! K&I pledged on Giving Tuesday that we'd get the word out about giving back.  And if N&K are winners un the contest, our fave charities (Canadian Women Foundation and CARE, Nellies) will get to split $2500!   K&I love to be warm and cosy.   And, here in the PNW, … Continue reading N&K’s Christmas Day 3: Blankets & Sleeping Bags

Giving Tuesday

Kells & I love shopping, looking good, eating well and just enjoying life. And, we love to give back when we can. This year we want to feature 7 Days of Christmas Giving. And why not introduce this on Giving Back Tuesday which is today, november 27. This is a global movement to… you guessed it: … Continue reading Giving Tuesday

Wake Up Before You Go Go

October is Women’s Health month here on N&K. Today, nals will be discussing self esteem. When I was heavier, I felt bombarded with images of thin, smooth-skinned, tall ladies as ‘beautiful’. If it was North American media, then tanned vixens. And if Bollywood media, then fair-skinned maidens. No one looked like me: pear-shaped, bespectacled, with … Continue reading Wake Up Before You Go Go

I ain’t your Momma

Thank you Jennifer Aniston! As you all have probably noticed or just know Nals and I do not have kids. And here’s the thing, we don't want kids. This may be shocking to some people. Why would 2 happily married women choose to not have children? So let’s talk about it. First of all, let’s … Continue reading I ain’t your Momma

Hitting below the belt: vulva shaming

In the past year, we've learned about vulva shaming... as well as labiaplasty. These were both such foreign concepts that both K & I had to post a byte or two. We’ve heard about fat shaming before – and most of us know about this first hand malheuresment– but never vulva shaming. A good jumping … Continue reading Hitting below the belt: vulva shaming

Let’s get the lowdown on #BoPo

BoPo (aka: body positivity) has been quite the buzzterm lately. As has the term working out. Are they mutually exclusive? Can the 2 terms complement each other and keep their separate identities? Defining Body Positivity Doing a quick search, you can find various descriptions: As per health marketing (for weight loss & gyms) BoPo is: … Continue reading Let’s get the lowdown on #BoPo