Banana fanna fo fallys: Bally’s!

Bally's Hotel is one of Kells's go-to for Vegas. So we thought we'd review it just for you N&Kers. That's how much we ♥ you! Location Bally's is in the middle of the strip so it's central and within walking distance of loads of things. Views/Upgrades - on our visit last year, we faced Drai's … Continue reading Banana fanna fo fallys: Bally’s!

Orange you glad we didn’t say Olives!

(Uhh well actually...guess we just did.) Jazzed up in our finery, we sauntered on over to Olives Restaurant in Vegas in October. And as is the case for eye candies, we were appropriately seated at the window. The restaurant is deceptively large. But due to the low lighting, dark rich wood flooring and furniture, it … Continue reading Orange you glad we didn’t say Olives!

Please don’t stop the Fenty

We skipped into Sephora in Vegas, hand in hand like 2 cute little tots in pigtails. Just days prior, I had popped in to the one in Burnaby (that’s in Beautiful British Columbia for you unworldly readers) to pick up my birthday gift* and some many other treats for my fiiine & wiser self. But a girl … Continue reading Please don’t stop the Fenty

The Cold Shoulder.

  We love love love the cold shoulder and feel that this is a look that can suit all women*. During our last trip to Vegas, this fall, we were sitting at the airport waiting to head south for some S&S (sun and shopping), when Nals looked at me and said: you really like the cold … Continue reading The Cold Shoulder.