Sleepless in Seattle

That’s right, we are headed to Seattle for the weekend in January 2018!

We thought why not head south for some fun and shopping after the Christmas holidays. But for an added twist: we want your help!

We have been looking at hotels, restaurants and things to do but we want to hear from you. What is your favorite hotel? Where do you like to eat? What is something that N&K have to see when they are taking Seattle by storm? (Hopefully there literally won’t be a storm…but ya know what we mean).

For example, do we lighten it up and Stay Pineapple Maxwell or Five? Or do we boutique it out at Kimpton Monaco or Palladian Hotel? (Really, N&K deserve to be pampered in the Four Seasons┬ábut we do realize that won’t happen this trip).

And during those cold rainy Pacific Northwest days…what do we do then? Is it a must that we catch a fish down at the Pike Place Market? Or do we get massages and facials at Penelope and The Beauty Bar? Or do we see the space oddity that is Bowie at MoPOP?

Finally, the food!! Where the heck do we want to eat? I mean The Pink Door and Umi Sake House have our names written all over it…but The Purple Cafe and Wine Bar is so good. And let’s not forget Biscuit Bitch, we have yet to experience this, do we need to eat here?

Please send us your suggestions by commenting below or on our IG acct @nalsandkells or by sending us an email!

Oh, yes, let’s not forget…we will be writing reviews and taking photos along the way. So stay tuned to see if your suggestion is our next blog review!

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