First Blog-a-versary and October Round-Up

October 2018 was the mark of our First Blog-a-versary! And to celebrate, we dedicated the last few weeks to Womens Health. We went to VanCity's Womens Expo, tried burlesque classes, talked self esteem, tried Sugaring,  did fun photoshoots, did a giveaway, fundraised (see below: And A Word From Kells) and teamed up with Cadeaux Bakery … Continue reading First Blog-a-versary and October Round-Up

Belle du jour

Imagine the ambience of a small bustling Parisian patisserie, tucked away in a quiet corner. Quaint garden-furniture-esque seating with walls in soothing hues of blue and off-white. Off to the side, an armoire contains the creamers and sweeteners to tastify your beverages.  The aroma of baked love is intoxicating. And then oh la la the … Continue reading Belle du jour