It hurts so boob

So I mentioned that I had back surgery and I had to advocate for myself. This motivated me to start dealing with the health issues I had been ignoring for years. The first one was my tonsils. They were large and in charge. Basically, I had swollen tonsils all day every day. I made an … Continue reading It hurts so boob

You’ve gotta fight, for your right, to heeeaaaalllttthhhh care! (cont’d)

PhysioTractionMore Physio Last week I talked about my car accident that left me with disabling back pain, the struggle to get a specialist appointment... all while completing my masters & working fulltime. So the doctors ordered surgery. Finally, I was getting somewhere! The next hurdle.  I was put on the list for surgery, but was … Continue reading You’ve gotta fight, for your right, to heeeaaaalllttthhhh care! (cont’d)

Welcome to 2019, you gorgeous N&Kers!

While most others are focussing on New Year's Resolutions posts... here at N&K, we like to do things a little differently. First thing is first: let's look at the importance of routine. We feel that routine rules the roost. Once we get back on the horse, many things fall into place- eating better, drinking less … Continue reading Welcome to 2019, you gorgeous N&Kers!

Wake Up Before You Go Go

October is Women’s Health month here on N&K. Today, nals will be discussing self esteem. When I was heavier, I felt bombarded with images of thin, smooth-skinned, tall ladies as ‘beautiful’. If it was North American media, then tanned vixens. And if Bollywood media, then fair-skinned maidens. No one looked like me: pear-shaped, bespectacled, with … Continue reading Wake Up Before You Go Go

Kickin’ Cancer

So if you follow us on IG you probably saw that we have been saying we are going to focus on Women’s Health for the month of October.  Part of this will be me documenting my journey on Kicking the Beep out of Cancer with 30 Min Hit. Please follow this link to my page: … Continue reading Kickin’ Cancer

Catch Me If You Can

N&K's Roundup of Runs in Vancouver, BC   Believe it or not, at 12 years old, I signed up for Track & Field.  And I chickened out... then at 40, did I really start running.   Kells was a track-lete in her teens and took a break when during schooling and subsequent back issues.  And she re-started … Continue reading Catch Me If You Can

In da Club

I’m all for trying something new… A sweet co-worker of mine has been raving about her newest workout and asking me to try it out. First of all let me say I have been to the gym with her in the past and she is a machine. A maniac really. Let me just say…when we … Continue reading In da Club

Muscle Development Quarterly

from glamour gals to funny gals In March, our lil friend and personal trainer Koach got both N & K into a muscle development regime.  This is a good way to transform your workout from mundane back to great. In honour of Koach's birthday today, we are writing this post to update y'all on our … Continue reading Muscle Development Quarterly

I ain’t your Momma

Thank you Jennifer Aniston! As you all have probably noticed or just know Nals and I do not have kids. And here’s the thing, we don't want kids. This may be shocking to some people. Why would 2 happily married women choose to not have children? So let’s talk about it. First of all, let’s … Continue reading I ain’t your Momma