N&K’s Christmas: Day 4: Seniors

N&Ks 7 Days of Christmas 

K&I pledged on Giving Tuesday that we’d get the word out about giving back.  And if N&K win the contest, our fave charities (Canadian Women Foundation and CARE, Nellies) will get to split $2500!

Kells & I love The Christmas season. People are cheerier, more smiley & Gallant.  We also love spending Time with family & friEnds.

For many folks, Christmas can be a super sad time.  If you don’t have many resources or a support network, it can be extremely isolating.

Often, the focus of Christmas is Children.  

Certainly, an overlooked population is our Seniors.


Imagine that you have lost your spouse or close friends to (age-related) diseases.  Maybe you’re now in a care home because of your own changing health…  Now you’ve lost some independence.  Maybe you can’t bake or eat certain Christmas treats. Maybe your mobility is restricted, and so are your finances, so you can’t go shopping whenever you want… and you feel that you can’t spoil those peeps around you.

How about we spend some time with Seniors this year? Chances are, those very seniors spoiled you when you were a kid.  And we know that they fought for us to enjoy today.


🌲 Day 4 🌲



Canadian Resources for Seniors 
BC GovERNMENt site has some tid bits here
BC Seniors Guide 
City of Vancouver Outreaching Seniors 
Seniors Centres – search online for Centres in your area. Typically services are a lounge, game times, tea parties, bazaar meals, holiday gatherings.
Go Volunteer
Better At Home 
Family caregivers of BC has some great tips.
Give back locally… take your neighbor-senior to get groceries to the doctors, or just go for a walk.
Elder abuse comes in many forms: physical, verbal, financial. See Seniors BC for deets

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