Review of: Leavenworth Village Inn

As we approach this extra long Easter weekend, we wanted to suggest visiting Leavenworth, Washington for a quick trip away. This place is great for everyone: friends, couples, families and all ages. General Impression Leavenworth Village Inn is nestled in Leavenworth town, with the same quaint Bavarian as all other buildings. Suite was clean, spacious … Continue reading Review of: Leavenworth Village Inn

Sky’s the Limit at SkyCity Hotel in Auckland, NZ!

Nals visited New Zealand this Christmas. She mainly stayed with family. But lucky for SkyCity Hotel... she was able to sneak away one night. General feel SkyCity Hotel has a lofty, brightly lit, sparkly feel with huge chandeliers and a marbly lobby. Our floor was carpeted for reduced noise, but felt expansive. There were a … Continue reading Sky’s the Limit at SkyCity Hotel in Auckland, NZ!

Review of: Skagit Valley Casino Resort

A few years ago, our friend DJ Cocoa Smoov decided to celebrate his 50th in Vegas.   K invited me and… history was made as we realized that we travelled well together². So, the following year, K&I decided to start a tradition of celebrating our October birthdays away from home. We Started with Leavenworth (Oktoberfest). … Continue reading Review of: Skagit Valley Casino Resort

Pret a porter in Portland

Mr. Nals and I took a jaunt to Oregon in August. I'm a planner. He's more of a spontaneous duckling. Who says planning is all the rage¹?  So we didn't book a hotel. We winged it. We ended up taking the turn-off into Beaverton and found a place called Shiloh Inn. Looked chalet-ish, with a pool. But … Continue reading Pret a porter in Portland

It’s All Natural!

A few months ago, Nals told me that a coworker of hers has these amazing lashes because she uses some new serum called EyEnvy. Nals assured me that this sweet coworker of her swears by it. So when I saw it in the store, I bought it. I was a wee bit shocked by the … Continue reading It’s All Natural!

PS I love you

So as you may or may not know...but Nals and I love to travel. Unfortunately, we don't get to do as much as we would like with work and life and all. But there are a couple of spots that have a few things we like; sun and fun. Oh and good shopping. We already … Continue reading PS I love you

Crashing Valentines: Harrison Hot Springs Hotel Review

Nals & friend Missy R were invited to Harrison for a work thing at Harrison Hot Springs Resort Hotel, around Valentines. And we decided to do a hotel review. In the midst of all the lovers trying to enjoy their mineral soaks, our party of at least 100 shows up. (We weren't a rowdy crowd … Continue reading Crashing Valentines: Harrison Hot Springs Hotel Review

Banana fanna fo fallys: Bally’s!

Bally's Hotel is one of Kells's go-to for Vegas. So we thought we'd review it just for you N&Kers. That's how much we ♥ you! Location Bally's is in the middle of the strip so it's central and within walking distance of loads of things. Views/Upgrades - on our visit last year, we faced Drai's … Continue reading Banana fanna fo fallys: Bally’s!

Get To Know Ya

No N&Kers, this is not a Maxwell song but a review of The Maxwell Downtown Seattle Hotel. Stay Pineapple is a boutique hotel chain in 5 American cities.  We chose to stay at The Maxwell Downtown. Oh la la. It is a funky cool hotel, just off of 3rd Avenue North^. The hotel is nestled … Continue reading Get To Know Ya