Don’t Deuce Around at Deacon’s Corner

“Oh drat” I thought last month “Why did I take this extra weekend shift? I’m sooo not in the mood.” But lo and behold, I found out Kells, Cutie T & DJ Cocoa Smoov were also working. So we made the best of a bad sitch and…

… we planned a little reunion restaurant review at Deacon’s Corner.

I took a client to this place maybe 8 years ago. I would’ve classified it as a bit of a dilapidated puppy. Boy has it ever been upgraded! Well, welcome to the hipster-y³ diner, my friends.
Alrighty let’s get down to brass tacks¹…

Our orders

DJ & I got the egg scrambles. As a meatlover, his was Farmers sausage with hash browns and toast. He enjoyed his dish. My order was the Mexican with flavourful eggs & salsa with the hash and sourdough toast.

Deacon’s Mexican scramble

The fair maidens shared deliciously huge meaty burgers with sides of delectable poutine and hot-dayam chili fries.

Deacon’s Chicken Giant with a mess of poutine.


were huge. I finished mine because I was a hungry lil piglet. The girls & DJ didn’t.


Deacon’s Canuck burger with chili fries.

were supes busy on the weekend brunch hours. So the food took a little while to pop out on the conveyor belt². But that gave us time to chat and not feel guilty about the long wait line.

Waitlisted line

Yes there is one (during peak times) so someone in your party should get there a bit early to put a name on the list… or just be prepared to wait.

Rock star parking

was surprising easy to find right on Alexander. There are plenty of options on Powell, Water & Cordova. (This is all metered pay parking.) Fair warning: during weekdays or special events, you will be hard pressed to find parking. And it’s kitty corner to DTES. There are also a few transit options.

Kells has been here before and enjoyed the waffles and benedicts.


∴yes we recommend this place if you want diner food that’s a bit pimped up, but in a casual atmosphere.
N&K tip ⇓
Take a brisk walk or leisurely stroll at Crab Park at Portside or New Brighton Beach after your meal. There are a lot of Gastown shops to look at, too. (Or better yet, pop over to Cadeaux Bakery for a lil somethin’ somethin’. Here’s our scintillating review.)

DTES sights including yums at Cadeaux Bakery
¹Brass tacks or brass tax? Defo the former, as per the grammar police.
²I’m taking artistic license here. (aka: a bit of a fab fib.)
³Gentrification is a topic for another day. But to get started did you know there’s a controversial restaurant named PIDGIN near Pigeon Park? And that there’s an eatery that used to be a jail?

Have you tried the diner?

Feel free to comment below.

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