Move over Betty Davis… Here Come The Katy Kat Eyes!

Mascara reviews are back, my sweets!

This week Nals

will be reviewing Katy Perry’s Katy Kat Eye mascara (by Covergirl).

Their kitch

. . . is the sculpting brush.
Indeed this is a swashbuckling brush, all swirly and packed with bristles. It applies the product to your lashes, with luscious accuracy.

Red dot eyes show results after 2 coats


The product is a bit thick so wipe it off real good before applying. (The first time I used it, I didn’t and ended up with a gd huge black molten glob in my eye… and had to trash the contact¹.) The issue may not lie in the mascara’s viscosity, but rather, the scooping expanse of the brush.


Defo try this mascara… but not ideal for the novice user.
¹Truth be told, the black glob looked like something out of X-Files.

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